A Weekend in Lyon


So as I mentioned in my previous post, I spent a much-needed long weekend in sunny Lyon last week and I’ve finally managed to go through all my photos to post a little piece about the trip. Sadly, my Canon had a break down mid-weekend so I didn’t manage to capture every moment but you’ll see from my little selection that there’s a lot going on in Lyon and it’s certainly a town worth visiting for a short getaway.

One thing I loved about Lyon was all the colour in the city. From fresh cut flower stands to streets of multi-coloured houses and the traditional fuschia pink pralines in ever boulangerie and patisserie, there was colour everywhere we turned, something I enjoyed even more under the clear blue sky and sunshine.




One of my friends on the trip happens to be totally Dora the Explorer when on holiday which was great because it meant she had mapped out most of the important visits and must-see locations (although I have to admit I was about ready to scream on route to the 3rd amphiteatre having already visited 2 cathedrals, the botanical gardens, zoo and most of the old town!). In retrospect though, I never would have seen everything without her enthusiasm and energy to lead the way!



For those with a sweet tooth, you’ve come to the right place because you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to candies and sugary treats! I highly recommend the traditional pink pralines which come in all variations; tartes, brioches, cakes and even ice-cream. You’ll also discover the famous Coussins de Lyon which in its original version is a sugar-coated marzipan cushion filled with a Curaçao infused chocolate ganache… It’s not to my taste but it’s worth a try nonetheless.

There’s also plenty to please hardcore carnivores because Lyon is the home of charcuterie and meat dishes, in fact it’s worth double checking menus if you are vegetarian because it’s not uncommon to find zero vegetable alternative! I’m not much of a meat eater myself but I tried a plate of charcuterie in one of the local Bouchons, these are typical restaurants in Lyon where the ambiance is very much as if you were invited into someone’s home with no frills or fancies, just delicious home-cooked meals.




L’Atelier d’Amaya in Lyon

L'Atelier d'Amaya

The  month of May in France is definitely a favourite of mine thanks to the many, many bank holidays and a fabulous little concept called ‘les ponts‘.  This literally means ‘the bridges’ with the idea being that if a bank holiday falls on a Thursday, most people will then take off the Friday to bridge the gap and make a long weekend!

So rather than waste this opportunity for a mini-holiday, I headed south to Lyon with a group of friends to catch some warm weather and spend some time discovering a new town. I’ll be posting a full catch-up from the weekend later in the week but first I wanted to share one of my favourite discoveries whilst out shopping, L’Atelier d’Amaya, a beautiful jewellery boutique which exists only in Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux (except for the magic of the internet making it accessible to all)!

Drawn in by the stunning colours and designs, it was impossible to resist all the beautiful rings and long-length necklaces which were perfectly suited to the sunny weather outside. If it hadn’t been for my lack of funds at the end of the month I would have walked out with half the boutique but I managed to stay sensible (or at least, I didn’t have a choice!) and chose a gorgeous gold-plated bangle with a unique clasp and pretty detailing which makes the metal very shiny in the sun.

Heading to Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse? Make sure you drop in to L’Atelier d’Amaya but if you’re not over in France you can still check out the online boutique for some unique accessories which are very affordable.

L'Atelier d'Amaya

L'Atelier d'Amaya

L'Atelier d'Amaya

Depuis que j’habite en France, le mois de mai est devenu l’un de mes périodes préférés grâce a la quantité de jours fériés et du super concept des ponts que je viens de découvrir et qui n’existe pas du tout en Angleterre !

Du coup, plutôt que de perdre cette occasion de mini- vacances,  je me suis dirigée vers le sud avec un groupe d’amis pour un weekend ensoleillé à Lyon en profitant de la découverte d’une nouvelle ville.  Je publierai bientôt un post complet sur ce super week-end mais en attendant, je voulais absolument partager une de mes plus belles découvertes du weekend, L’Atelier d’ Amaya , une très belle boutique de bijoux qui n’existe qu’ à Lyon, Toulouse et Bordeaux (sauf pour la magie de l’Internet qui rend cet atelier accessible à tous) !

Attirer par les magnifiques couleurs et créations dans la vitrine, il était impossible de résister à toutes ces belles bagues et sautoirs qui étaient parfaitement adaptés au beau soleil d’été.  Dommage qu’en fin de mois mon budget ne me permettait pas de tout acheter car j’ai tout de suite repéré une dizaine de bijoux qu’il me fallait absolument et je serais surement sorti avec la moitié de la boutique mais j’ai réussi à rester raisonnable (en tout cas, je n’ai pas eu le choix !) et j’ai choisi un magnifique bracelet plaqué or avec un fermoir unique et des très joli détail qui rend le métal super brillant au soleil.

En route pour Lyon , Bordeaux ou Toulouse ? Je vous conseille très fort de visiter la boutique L’Atelier d’ Amaya, mais si vous n’avais pas l’occasion tout de suite, vous pouvez toujours consulter la boutique en ligne pour des accessoires uniques qui sont très abordables .
L'Atelier d'Amaya

L'Atelier d'Amaya

L'Atelier d'Amaya

Vintage Shopping by the Kilo

Kilo Shop ParisKilo Shop Paris

The Kilo Shop in Paris is one of the best experiences for vintage lovers! For starters, the concept of this store goes against everything we love about our favourite designer boutiques. No carefully styled mannequins or colour-coordinated rows of fashion to draw you in, The Kilo Shop is all about the rummage. The layout reminds me a little of a treehouse design (remember the home of the Swiss Family Robinson?) with stairs leading up to various levels and mezzanines, each filled with vintage goodies. I actually spotted a gorgeous burgundy Chanel bag but when I saw the label ‘enquire for price’ I quickly realised it wasn’t going to fit into today’s budget!

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Shopping in Paris, Louise Hendricks Jewellery

Louise Hendricks Paris

Louise Hendricks ParisContrary to most true Parisians, one of my favourite places to shop at the end of a long day is the Printemps department store on the Boulevard Haussmann. Here, amongst the frenzy of busy shoppers and immaculate display cabinets, I’ve discovered many beautiful designers which have since become some of my favourite brands and one such example is Parisian jewellery creator, Louise Hendricks.

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Les Fleurs Boutique in Paris

Les Fleurs 5

One of my recent discoveries in the French capital was this super cute boutique, Les Fleurs, which sells everything from charming little jewellery to girly home decorations and vintage kitchen accessories.

You can visit the store near Bastille for the full collection although for those living outside of Paris, the little e-shop sells everything in the collections and ships abroad for 20 euros (best to order in bulk and split the cost of shipping)!

Check out some of my favourites from the current selection at Les Fleurs.

Boutique Les Fleurs, 6 Passage Josset, 75011 Paris

Les Fleurs 4


Une de mes découvertes récentes dans la capitale française, c’est la petite boutique super mignonne, Les Fleurs.  Dans cet endroit très parisien, vous y trouverez des super accessoires comme les charmant petit bijoux de différents créateurs, de la décoration très girly et même des accessoires de cuisine style vintage.

La collection complète est disponible dans le magasin près de Bastille mais pour ceux qui ne vivent pas à proximité de Paris, le petit e-shop vend aussi toutes les collections et on peut se faire livrer a l’étranger pour environ 20 euros le colis (ça vaudrai le cout de faire une commande groupée)!

Découvrez une sélection de mes favoris actuellement en vente chez Les Fleurs.

Boutique Les Fleurs, 6 Passage Josset, 75011 Paris

Les Fleurs 3

Les Fleurs 1

Les Fleurs

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