Lunch at Le Fumoir

Le FumoirLunch at Le Fumoir has been on my to-do list ever since I arrived in Paris. Two years ago. With a reputation whispered amongst those in the know, the hipster-style, vintage-themed restaurant has become the stylish place to hang out in Paris for light snacks, work socials and Sunday brunch.

Despite it’s location right opposite the Musée du Louvre near the Rue de Rivoli, Le Fumoir has managed to avoid the tourist tag and is a definite favourite amongst the Parisian locals!

Fun, jazzy and as-laid-back-as-Paris-gets, Le Fumoir has the perfect balance of being cool and elegant without the ridiculous prices and pretentious ambiance that usually goes hand in hand with this kind of establishment. Discussing a client meeting with a colleague, it was easy to chat amongst the light music and animated chatter in the background and we both opted for sandwiches from the light snacks menu. Obviously with fresh lobster sandwich on the menu it was impossible to see anything else but I was still tempted by my colleague’s tartine of goat’s cheese, aubergines and sun-dried tomatoes! Definitely a place to bring the boyfriend so you can share dishes.

Le Fumoir, 6 Rue de L’Amiral Coligny, 75001, Paris  (Metro: Louvre-Rivoli)

Le FumoirLe FumoirLe FumoirIl y’a déjà deux ans que je suis arrivée à Paris et même si depuis mon arrivée on me parle du fameux restaurant Le Fumoir à Louvre-Rivoli, je n’avais jamais encore eu l’opportunité de le tester.  C’est donc avec grand plaisir que j’ai accepté un rendez-vous avec ma collègue (il faut dire que jamais je n’ai été aussi enthousiaste pour une réunion de travail).

Alors, que pourrais-je vous dire de ce magnifique restaurant, dans un super cadre juste en face du Musée du Louvre ? Je l’adore ce restaurant. Menu gourmand, musique discrète et sophistiquée, même les boissons sans alcool sont un régale (vous voyez, le cliché de la petite anglaise bourrée n’est pas toujours juste) !

Malgré son emplacement au cœur du 1er arrondissement de Paris, Le Fumoir a quand même réussi à éviter l’étiquette du lieu touristique car s’il y’a une chose que j’ai appris ici a Paris c’est qu’un vrai Parisien évite a tout prix les endroits rempli de touristes.

Chic et décontracté, Le Fumoir a trouver l’équilibre parfait entre élégance et prix abordables sans l’ambiance prétentieuse que l’on trouve souvent dans des restaurants similaires. Et pour le menu ? Je peux vous dire que mes yeux ont tout de suite flashé sur le sandwich homard et je n’étais pas du tout déçu en voyant mon plat arrivé… même si la tartine fromage de chèvre, aubergine et tomates séchées de ma collègue me paraissait super appétissant.  Notez bien cette adresse pour un repas en amoureux, l’occasion idéale pour partager les plats.

Le Fumoir , 6 rue de l’ Amiral Coligny , 75001 , Paris ( Métro: Louvre – Rivoli )

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Collection

Christian Louboutin nail polish sale beauty cosmeticsChristian Louboutin nail polish sale beauty cosmetics

Having heard all the hype surrounding Christian Louboutin‘s launch into the beauty industry, I was very excited to get up close and personal with the stunning nail polish collection this weekend at the Printemps mall in Paris. As is to be expected with all things Louboutin, this collection is nothing short of majestic and I’m actually more drawn by the design of the nail polish bottle than the quality and colour of the product itself!

And for the inspiration behind this new venture into the world of cosmetics, it’s actually pretty simple as Christian Louboutin explains,

The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.’

No surprise then that the star of the collection is a dramatic red to match the shade of the designer’s iconic red soles but more unusual is the slightly terrifying weapon-like lid which measures exactly 20,5 cm, the same height as Christian Louboutin’s highest heel designed for the brand… Quite literally a killer heel!

I tested out the star product, Rouge Louboutin, and honestly… I really, really didn’t want to like it (I mean, it’s a nail polish that costs more than my week’s food supply!) but actually I kind of loved it! The colour is gorgeous, the quality is second to none, no second coat necessary, and the design is spectacular, a total work of art.

So there you have it, I am now starving for a week but with one hell of a new sculpture!

Find the full collection of colours, including the Rouge Louboutin online and in selected stores now for £36 / 45 euros.

Christian Louboutin nail polish sale beauty cosmeticsChristian Louboutin nail polish sale beauty cosmetics

Warm & Spicy with L’Artisan Parfumeur

L'Artisan Parfumeur flash sale vente privee online shop

Am I the only person excited about autumn? It seems like everyone around me absolutely resents this awful season which officially closes the summer holidays, taking away the sunshine and bringing rain and frosty weather in its place. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love the fall months when the leaves start to turn fiery red and orange, scarfs and chunky knits start to re-appear and evenings are spent snuggled on the sofa with warm drinks and pumpkin pie! Summer who?

I also have this ritual of changing fragrances at the start of a new season; citrus fruits and mint for spring, coconut and vanilla for summer and these beautiful new fragrances from L’Artisan Parfumeur which have arrived just in time for the fall/winter crossover!

Poivre Piquant is a curious blend which I don’t think I would have tried based on the name alone. The thought of spicy pepper as a main ingredient in a fragrance doesn’t appeal to me immediately but actually that’s where I was very wrong. The scent is very delicate with soft notes of milk, honey, licorice and sugar which are then lifted by the unexpected top notes of white pepper… a perfect autumn fragrance!

I also fell for the sweeter scent Seville a L’Aube, a fragrance which is more along the lines of my usual perfumes with white floral and citrus notes but unlike my usual citrus scents, Seville a L’Aube has added depth with middle notes of tobacco and lavender which create warmth in the fragrance.

Both these fragrances are perfect for autumn/winter to complement a cosy outfit and the stunning candles in the sale also come in all four seasons so you can choose the one which best suits your personality… I couldn’t resist the beautiful packaging, each candle has been handmade by a ceramicist and I thought the pretty rustic silver finish was perfectly matched to winter making it the ideal Christmas gift.

Today there is even a sale of L’Artisan Parfumeur on vente-privee with up to 65% off and all these products are featured so it’s the perfect time to kick start some Chrismtas shopping!

L'Artisan Parfumeur flash sale vente privee online shop L'Artisan Parfumeur flash sale vente privee online shop L'Artisan Parfumeur flash sale vente privee online shop L'Artisan Parfumeur flash sale vente privee online shop


Gas Bijoux Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Gas Bijoux jewellery, soldes Gas Bijoux

As I have already mentioned countless times, I’m really crazy about the beautiful French jewellery brand, Gas Bijoux! Based in Marseille with boutiques in Paris, Saint-Tropez and New York, each piece is carefully hand crafted in the original family atelier since 1969 and to celebrate this 45th year, the brand have released a stunning new high end range using semi-precious stones, the Pondichery collection.

Inspired by various travels around the world, the designs and bright colours aim to represent the most beautiful locations of our planet; the precious stones of Jaipur in India, the white sands and sunkissed coral of Tulum, the bold colours of Latin America… a journey through jewellery.

Stunning stones are transformed into elegant earrings, delicate bangles and fashionable layered necklaces like this incredible triple Gas Bijoux Pondichery Sautoir which I purchased earlier this month! Plated in 24k gold leaf with semi-precious stones in shades of green and grey with tiny beads of blue and yellow for a pop of colour, this piece is a statement of its own and is the perfect companion for a classic little black dress!

Shop the Pondichery Collection by Gas Bijoux online and in-stores.

Gas Bijoux jewellery, soldes Gas BijouxGas Bijoux jewellery, soldes Gas BijouxGas Bijoux jewellery, soldes Gas Bijoux

Eiffel Tower Turns Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Paris Breast Cancer Awareness Eiffel Tower Pink October

Tonight, the 7th of October 2014, the Eiffel Tower was lit in pink for the very first time to honor the start of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Paris.  Earlier this week, Liz Hurley switched on the pink lights of the Empire State Building and over the next few days, several famous landmarks will also turn pink for the charity including The Colosseum in Rome, The Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai and The Peninsula in Hong Kong.

Find out how you can help locally by clicking on the image below and look out for all the fun pink products on sale with a percentage being donated to the cause!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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