Mesdemoiselles Madeleines

Mesdemoiselles Madeleines Paris Rue des MartyrsMesdemoiselles Madeleines Paris Rue des Martyrs

A perfect little spot I discovered this weekend was the newly opened Mesdemoiselles Madeleines in my favourite parisian street, the Rue des Martyrs. Keeping to the trend of the ‘mono produits’ patisseries which specialise in only one particular product, Mesdemoiselles Madeleines is the latest concept to follow in the steps of  the macarons, éclairs and choux as well as the renowned tartes tropéziennes.

The boutique opened earlier this year and has already received a great amount of press exposure as journalists and bloggers alike have taken to the tasty flavoured madeleines. Forgot the original all-butter madeleine as you may know it, image a perfect blend of fresh buttery cake with delicate aromas of lemon and vanilla, or for the more gourmands you can even find madeleines with a filling of coffee, raspberry, chocolate and many other delightful flavours!

Prices start at around 0.70 for a mini madeleine, 2.50 for a larger flavoured madeleine and around 4.50 for the filled madeleines… a small price to pay for the perfect afternoon treat in Paris (and well deserved after having climbed the steep Rue des Martyrs)!

Mesdemoiselles Madeleines – 37 rue des Martyrs – 75009 Paris – Metro: Saint-Georges or Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Mesdemoiselles Madeleines Paris Rue des MartyrsMesdemoiselles Madeleines Paris Rue des Martyrs

Eating Out in Paris: Le Café Latin

Cafe Latin 3You’re not exactly out of options when it comes to dining out in Paris but if you’re not used to the city, it can be hard to spot the genuine brasseries from the tourist traps… I myself have experienced my fair share of snappy waiters and slap dash meals which is why I’m always so thrilled when I find a little gem like the Cafe Latin!

The Cafe Latin is a particular favourite of mine for more than a few reasons. When it comes to the food, you’ll find fresh ingredients and a varied menu with a selection of constantly changing plats du jour. Prices are reasonable and the service can’t be faulted but what I love best about this little spot, only minutes away from the Cathédrale Notre Dame, is the wonderfully warm ambiance which is just so perfectly Parisian. Guests, friends and family members all come and go, perching on stools at the bar or tucked away in mysterious booths as they peruse the carte du jour.

The waiters are extremely friendly and more than ready to have a good laugh (as well as giving excellent advice on wine!) and you feel almost as though you are dining amongst good friends. Located in the heart of the Quartier Latin, you won’t regret an evening at this little bistro and you’ll probably even leave your table with a big smile as you head back into the lively street of this fun Parisian district.

Cafe Latin, 14 Rue Gît-le-Cœur, 75006 Paris  (Metro Odeon)

Cafe Latin 1Cafe Latin 2

Eiden Jewellery Boutique & Atelier

Eiden Boutique Paris 7Eiden Boutique Paris 2Eiden Boutique Paris 1I’ve always felt that my jewellery is all the more special when I know a little bit about the designers behind my favourite creations. Maybe it’s because jewellery and accessories are such a big part of my personal style or perhaps it’s just the curiosity of discovering the stories and minds that inspire each brand, but the more I know about a piece, the more I treasure it!

I know I’ve mentioned several French jewellery designers that are particular favourites (Gas Bijoux, Louise Hendricks…) but one of my more recent discoveries was the gorgeous little bohemian-style boutique, Eiden, a brand that seems to have been made for me. Long, layered necklaces and raw metal bangles displayed amongst the Native American decor (dreamcatchers, cow skulls, feathers…) alongside leather accessories and pretty scented candles… More unusual though, is the brand’s little atelier space open onto the boutique where the two designers are happily sketching design ideas and creating new pieces, a rare opportunity to discuss the collections and even request slight customisations!

Whilst browsing last weekend, I chatted with one half of the designer duo, Emilie, who joined her best friend Sonia despite neither of the girls having trained in the jewellery making business. Armed only with her passion for jewellery and years of design sketches, Sonia took the plunge and created her brand in 2012. Within just 2 years she was asking Emilie to join her and the two transformed the brand into an international label with collection launches in London, Paris, Madrid and as far as Sydney!

The brand’s atelier is still based in the original boutique in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, definitely worth heading here as the pieces are beautiful, casual and easy to wear, and the designers are very sweet and willing to chat to you.

Eiden, 58 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris 75009 – Nearest Metro: Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Eiden Boutique Paris 3Eiden Boutique Paris maybe 2Eiden Boutique Paris 6Eiden Boutique Paris 9Eiden Boutique Paris 4Eiden Boutique Paris 8Eiden Boutique Paris 10Eiden Boutique Paris 11

Le Musee du Quai Branly in Paris

Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris

One of my favourite museums in Paris is the lesser known Musee du Quai Branly located just a few metres from the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the River Seine. It may not feature on everyone’s Top 10 in Paris but it’s one of my favourite locations and not just for the exhibitions (the museum’s restaurant Les Ombres is exquisite with spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower)!

The museum itself has a very unsual structure; spiralling corridors, dark halls and several mezzanines looking down on the main gallery, a very different feel to the more popular art galleries of Paris… And the collections are equally fascinating!

Home to more than 450,000 pieces, the museum’s permanent collection features the indeginous art and traditions of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas with everything from jewellery, statues and elaborate costumes… sometimes hilarious!

An absolute must for your next weekend in Paris and I really can’t recommend enough the fabulous dining experience of Les Ombres, check out my pictures in this past blog post and you’ll see what I mean!

Musee du Quai Branly, 37 Quai Branly, 75007  – Metro :  Alma-Marceau

Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly ParisMusee Quai Branly Paris

An Unusual Night at the Hotel Original, Bastille

Paris Hotel Original BastilleHotel O Paris 2

Whenever one of my London friends comes to visit me in Paris, we always try to make the most of the occasion and reserve something special… lunch at Le Fumoir, brunch in the Rue des Martyrs or even a weekend escape into the nearby Forest of Fontainebleau, these treats always make the weekend feel more like a mini vacation and it’s a great excuse to splash out a little!

Last weekend, my best friend came to stay for a long weekend and for the extra night we booked an unusual boutique hotel right near the Place de la Bastille. Let me just say that the Hotel Original is probably the weirdest hotel I’ve every stayed at! Everywhere you look, there’s something unusual staring back at you… jellyfish lamps, faux deer heads and neon butterflies; it’s definitely not your usual 4* hotel and it ended up being a really fun experience and definitely a more amusing type of accomodation for a short break in Paris.

The interior was entirely imagined by designer Stella Cadente, who has worked with numerous hotels as well as launching her own collection of clothing, accessories and fragrances. You’ll see even from the reception, the decor is something else and every room has its unique theme from quirky Alice in Wonderland decorations to a cosy Chalet feel!

Hotel Original, 8 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 – Metro: Bastille

Hotel O Paris 4Hotel O Paris 6Hotel O Paris 3Hotel O ParisHotel O

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