Ciate Snow Globe in the Alps

Ciate Snow Globe

This week, I’ll be enjoying a wonderful holiday full of sunshine and snow in the French Alps… and what could be better for a skiing vacation than Ciate‘s perfectly named Snow Globe? A gorgeous top coat with flecks of shine which reflect the colours (blue, pink, green, purple…). I paired my mini Ciate lilac shade in Pillow Fight with two layers of Snow Globe.

Ps: Both these shades will soon be available to purchase in the first ever Ciate flash sale on vente-privee, opening Wednesday morning!

Belle Plagne skiing

Skiing Belle Plagne

Skiing Belle Plagne

Gold & Glitter Nail Art

ciate nail artOk, so technically this look would not exactly pass as nail art amongst the pros of the industry but I thought the final look was so effective it could still count as a quick and easy version. For this look, I used to of my favourite Ciate nail polishes, Couture and Antique Brooch.


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Backstage Filming with Ciate London

ciate nail art

So yesterday was a real treat of a day spent away from the keyboard. Meeting Ciate‘s lovely PR manager, Olivia, at la Gare du Nord in Paris, we headed to vente-privee’s film studios nearby for our rendez-vous to shoot the brand’s mini trailer video which will accompany their upcoming sale with vente-privee. With cute pastels shades and amazing nail art kits (including the delicate Flower Manicure), the artistic directors chose sugary macarons and teeny lilac meringues to create the scene as Olivia demonstrated the steps to creating the floral nail art.

Here are some of the backstage pictures during the shoot before the final results are published on the sale opening date towards the end of the month… Will keep you posted!

ciate nail tutorial

ciate nail tutorial

Hier j’ai eu la chance de passé la journée avec la charmante Olivia, RP de la très jolie marque de vernis Ciaté, pour un shooting de bande annonce qui accompagnera bientôt la premiere vente sur le site événementielle vente-privee ! Je ne peux rien vous révélez encore mais je vous tiens au courant, c’est promis.

En accueillant Olivia à la Gare du Nord nous sommes parties direction La Plaine Saint-Denis, pour les studios shooting de vente-privee. Devant le jolie décor de macarons et de mini meringues aux lilas (pour complémenter les tons pastels  et girly des vernis) Olivia a commencer sa démonstration nail art du fameux Flower Manicure (pas si dur a réalisé en faite !) et les résultats étaient magnifiques.

Je vous laisse avec les photos backstage du tournage et n’oubliez pas le rendez-vous Ciaté sur vente-privee à la fin du mois, ces vernis et kits nail art ne resteront pas longtemps en ligne.






A History of L’Artisan Parfumeur

L'Artisan Parfumeur Paris

Something I learnt pretty quickly in Paris is that attitudes to shopping are extremely different, even when you’re just picking up your favourite fragrance. Here in France, women don’t head to their local drugstore for aspirin, toothpaste and a 50ml bottle of Miss Dior. A French lady will turn her nose up at our beloved Boots stores, preferring instead to buy her perfume from one of the many independent parfumeries with an elegant hostess to hand should you find yourself lost between day and night scents.

Two of these legendary perfume houses stood out from the rest when I arrived in Paris, Dyptique and L’Artisan Parfumeur. Both reputable houses, I was instantly drawn to the colourful, elegant packaging of L’Artisan Parfumeur and their bestselling Mure et Musc soon became a firm favourite.

So when invited, last week, to visit the perfume atelier and meet some of the creators behind the brand, I couldn’t have said yes more enthusiastically.

Check out my pictures from the day which I hope will give you the feeling you’ve been behind the scenes yourself!

L'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur ParisL'Artisan Parfumeur Paris

My absolute favourite pieces from L’Artisan Parfumeur! These cooked earth balls have each been handmade in the north of France by a mother-daughter artist duo and are sold exclusively by L’Artisan Parfumeur. Each ball is filled with amber crystals which gently infuse in your home, they smell divine and should last a minimum of 2 years before you need to refill them with amber crystals.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Paris

From Bags to Beauty

michael kors beauty

We’ve all been lusting after the luxurious bags and accessories of designer Michael Kors for several years now after his accessories collections seemed to invade all the biggest shopping spaces from Bloomingdales to Selfridges and Printemps. But today isn’t about the brand’s structured designs and top quality materials, today the brand has branched out into a new area, our beauty cupboards.

Earlier this month, the designer announced an entire cosmetics collection, lipgloss, nail polish, bronzer, etc, which is currently being sold exclusively at House of Fraser in the UK, the collection launched in the US exclusively with Macy’s last spring.

Depuis plusieurs années, nous sommes toutes tombées sous le charme des accessoires et sacs de luxe du créateur Michael Kors après avoir vu ses collections envahir tous les plus grands espaces de Bloomingdales à Selfridges et le Printemps. Mais aujourd’hui ce ne sont ni les magnifiques designs structurés ni les jolies matières qui nous séduisent, aujourd’hui c’est un nouveau lancement de la marque qui nous a captivé l’attention… la première collection de cosmétiques de Michael Kors.

Avec une gamme complète de produits de beauté, rouge à lèvres, gloss, vernis, etc, la collection Michael Kors Beauty est actuellement en vente de l’autre coté de la Manche, en Angleterre, exclusivement dans les magasins House of Fraser. Le premier lancement fut aux États-Unis au printemps dernier donc on croise les doigts pour un lancement en France bientôt mais pour le moment c’est peut être l’excuse parfaite pour un petit weekend à Londres !

michael kors beauty

michael kors beauty

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