Gold-Leaf Tattoos and Balenciaga Heels

DCER temporary tattoo 3

I’ve never been into tattoos. I’ve never really been mad about temporary tattoos either but every rule has its exception and these gold-leaf DCER tattoos are mine! I love how subtle the gold-leaf appears on my skin tone and they’re beautiful in the sunshine (not that we have many of those days left)!

I bought these on the DCER website and received my pack of 8 tattoo sheets, and a few freebies, in just 2 days. Once applied, the tattoos last about 5 days despite wearing mine through an evening in the jacuzzi!

DCER Temporary Tattoos online and in select stores

DCER temporary tattoo 7DCER temporary tattoo 5DCER temporary tattoo

Je n’ai jamais été fans des tatouages ​. En faite, je n’ai même jamais craqué pour la mode des tatouages ​​temporaires non plus mais chaque règle a son exception et dans mon cas il s’agit de ces magnifiques tatouages feuilles d’or de la marque​​DCER ! J’adore la subtilité du dorée qui est sublime sur la peau, surtout quand le soleil brille (bien qu’il nous reste peu de jours d’été cette année) !

La semaine derniere, j’ai acheté mes tatouages sur le site DCER et j’ai reçu mon petit colis de 8 feuilles de tatouage, et quelques cadeaux en plus, en seulement 2 jours ! Une fois appliquée sur la peau, les tatouages ​​dure environ 5 jours même en le portant toute une soirée dans le jacuzzi !

Trouver plus d’infos et acheter vos tatouages ​​temporaires en ligne sur DCER et dans certaines boutiques

DCER temporary tattoo 4DCER temporary tattoo 6DCER temporary tattoo 2

Pure Lochside’s Organic Skincare Range

Pure Lochside

Recently I had the wonderful task of reviewing a beautiful, organic brand of skincare, Pure Lochside, from Scotland. Having never come across this particular brand, I was immediately taken by the stunning packaging of the recently launched Capsule Collection with it’s great attention to detail, even the muslin cloth is wrapped in a little tartan bow! I’m such a sucker for a brand with wow factor but that’s not all there is to it…

Pure Lochside was founded by professional aromatherapist Fiona Tulle, whose aim was to launch a range of organic skincare with minimal chemicals and packed full of pure plant oils and natural ingredients… and I can confirm that the result is a delightfully simple and deliciously scented range of essential treats for your skin. I think it’s safe to say that the Organic Orange Cleanser and the Orange and Echinacea Toner have become absolute neccessities for my skin now and I’ll certainly be adding the full-size versions to my beauty cupboard!

So if you’re looking for a healthy and natural alternative to chemical-ridden cosmetics and creams packed full of nasty parabens, have a browse on the Pure Lochside website or head over to the Harrods Urban Retreat and pick up this little box of goodies for just £48.50. It’s perfectly sized for holidays or weekend getaways and your skin will love you for it!

Pure Lochside Capsule Collection, online or at Harrods Urban Retreat, £48.50.

Pure2Pure Lochside

Récemment, j’ai eu la chance de tester une très belle marque de cosmétiques organique, Pure Lochside, d’origine écossaise. N’ayant jamais entendu parler de cette marque, j’ai eu un vrai coup de cœur pour le packaging de la toute nouvelle Collection Capsule!

La marque Pure Lochside a été fondée par une professionnel en aromathérapie, Fiona Tulle, dont le but était de lancer une gamme de soins bio sans produits chimiques et en utilisant des ingrédients naturels … et je peux confirmer que le résultat est une gamme simple, efficace et délicieusement parfumée. J’ai vraiment adoré le Nettoyant Organic Orange et je vais certainement ajouter le format grande taille à mon placard de beauté!

Alors si vous êtes à la recherche d’une alternative naturelle aux crèmes pleines de parabens et de produits chimiques, je vous suggère de faire un tour sur le site de Pure Lochside ou lors de votre prochain weekend a Londres de visiter la boutique Urban Retreat chez Harrods pour découvrir cette petite boîte de merveilles… Parfaitement adapté pour les vacances ou un week-end, vous découvrirai tous les best-sellers de la marque et votre peau vous en remerciera!

Pure Lochside Collection Capsule, en ligne ou en boutique chez Harrods Urban Retreat, £ 48,50.

Benefit New They’re Real Liner & Remover

Benefit They're Real Liner

Yesterday was the 14th of July which in France means fireworks, celebrations and most importantly, a Monday bank holiday!  The three days were filled with potential for an incredibly exciting long weekend and yet with the never-ending rain and grey weather, it quickly turned into a dull and depressing time which actually had Tuesday seem scarily appealing! Obviously in this situation I had only one solution…

Well, is there a better refuge than a shopping mall? And just look who I discovered on my way out of Sephora! The brand new They’re Real Eye-liner and Remover from Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve read so much about this duo since the launch last month but seeing them for myself was all it took to convince me they were necessary additions to my beauty bag.

Benefit always seem to be one step ahead in the beauty industry with innovative products and unique formulas which rarely disappoint and the new push-up liner is a new star product in my eyes (literally!). The custom AccuFlex tip (I have no idea what this means!) ensures the application is super precise and as close to the lash line as possible resulting in bigger, brighter eyes and the gel formula is the perfect matte black which is totally smudge-proof and lasts all day.

I hadn’t intended to buy the They’re Real Remover too but as I tried a little of the tester to remove the endless liner tests on the back of my hand, I was so impressed by the soft texture and ease with which it removed the dark black lines that I had to add it to my basket. I love the gel texture and it really does wipe away the darkest of eye make-up in seconds. Perfect for waterproof mascaras and gel liners!

My verdict? These two new items have been a real hit with me and have proven once again that Benefit really do know best!

Shop They’re Real Push-Up Liner and Remover from Benefit Cosmetics online and in-stores now.

Benefit They're Real LinerBenefit They're Real LinerBenefit They're Real LinerBenefit They're Real LinerBenefit They're Real Liner

New Benefit Cosmetics Tinted Lipbalms

Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Balm

Benefit has been one of my absolute favourite cosmetic brands since I first became hooked on the Hoola bronzer back in high school.  In fact, I became such a Benefit addict that I ended up applying for a job with the company during my last year of University and spent a year as a ‘Benebabe‘ working on their Selfridges stand in London! An experience that turned out to be extremely valuable as well as a whole lot of fun… and some very cool make-up rewards!!

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La Société Parisienne de Savons in Paris


If there’s one thing I can’t live without in my handbag, it’s my supersize lip butter from La Société Parisienne de Savons. This version was actually from a recent collaboration with my favourite French fashion brand, Sezane, but there’s a huge choice of designs available on the website so whatever your style you’ll find one that fits.

Infused with hydrating, natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and lanolin, these lip butters have saved my lips year after year against wind and heat… it’s become quite an addiction now actually as I seem to be applying every hour but it sure works!

La Société Parisienne de Savons, Paris

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