Le Musee du Quai Branly in Paris

Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris

One of my favourite museums in Paris is the lesser known Musee du Quai Branly located just a few metres from the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the River Seine. It may not feature on everyone’s Top 10 in Paris but it’s one of my favourite locations and not just for the exhibitions (the museum’s restaurant Les Ombres is exquisite with spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower)!

The museum itself has a very unsual structure; spiralling corridors, dark halls and several mezzanines looking down on the main gallery, a very different feel to the more popular art galleries of Paris… And the collections are equally fascinating!

Home to more than 450,000 pieces, the museum’s permanent collection features the indeginous art and traditions of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas with everything from jewellery, statues and elaborate costumes… sometimes hilarious!

An absolute must for your next weekend in Paris and I really can’t recommend enough the fabulous dining experience of Les Ombres, check out my pictures in this past blog post and you’ll see what I mean!

Musee du Quai Branly, 37 Quai Branly, 75007  – Metro :  Alma-Marceau

Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly Paris Musee Quai Branly ParisMusee Quai Branly Paris

An Unusual Night at the Hotel Original, Bastille

Paris Hotel Original BastilleHotel O Paris 2

Whenever one of my London friends comes to visit me in Paris, we always try to make the most of the occasion and reserve something special… lunch at Le Fumoir, brunch in the Rue des Martyrs or even a weekend escape into the nearby Forest of Fontainebleau, these treats always make the weekend feel more like a mini vacation and it’s a great excuse to splash out a little!

Last weekend, my best friend came to stay for a long weekend and for the extra night we booked an unusual boutique hotel right near the Place de la Bastille. Let me just say that the Hotel Original is probably the weirdest hotel I’ve every stayed at! Everywhere you look, there’s something unusual staring back at you… jellyfish lamps, faux deer heads and neon butterflies; it’s definitely not your usual 4* hotel and it ended up being a really fun experience and definitely a more amusing type of accomodation for a short break in Paris.

The interior was entirely imagined by designer Stella Cadente, who has worked with numerous hotels as well as launching her own collection of clothing, accessories and fragrances. You’ll see even from the reception, the decor is something else and every room has its unique theme from quirky Alice in Wonderland decorations to a cosy Chalet feel!

Hotel Original, 8 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 – Metro: Bastille

Hotel O Paris 4Hotel O Paris 6Hotel O Paris 3Hotel O ParisHotel O

Gold-Leaf Tattoos and Balenciaga Heels

DCER temporary tattoo 3

I’ve never been into tattoos. I’ve never really been mad about temporary tattoos either but every rule has its exception and these gold-leaf DCER tattoos are mine! I love how subtle the gold-leaf appears on my skin tone and they’re beautiful in the sunshine (not that we have many of those days left)!

I bought these on the DCER website and received my pack of 8 tattoo sheets, and a few freebies, in just 2 days. Once applied, the tattoos last about 5 days despite wearing mine through an evening in the jacuzzi!

DCER Temporary Tattoos online and in select stores

DCER temporary tattoo 7DCER temporary tattoo 5DCER temporary tattoo

Je n’ai jamais été fans des tatouages ​. En faite, je n’ai même jamais craqué pour la mode des tatouages ​​temporaires non plus mais chaque règle a son exception et dans mon cas il s’agit de ces magnifiques tatouages feuilles d’or de la marque​​DCER ! J’adore la subtilité du dorée qui est sublime sur la peau, surtout quand le soleil brille (bien qu’il nous reste peu de jours d’été cette année) !

La semaine derniere, j’ai acheté mes tatouages sur le site DCER et j’ai reçu mon petit colis de 8 feuilles de tatouage, et quelques cadeaux en plus, en seulement 2 jours ! Une fois appliquée sur la peau, les tatouages ​​dure environ 5 jours même en le portant toute une soirée dans le jacuzzi !

Trouver plus d’infos et acheter vos tatouages ​​temporaires en ligne sur DCER et dans certaines boutiques

DCER temporary tattoo 4DCER temporary tattoo 6DCER temporary tattoo 2

Les Fleurs Boutique in Paris

Les Fleurs 5

One of my recent discoveries in the French capital was this super cute boutique, Les Fleurs, which sells everything from charming little jewellery to girly home decorations and vintage kitchen accessories.

You can visit the store near Bastille for the full collection although for those living outside of Paris, the little e-shop sells everything in the collections and ships abroad for 20 euros (best to order in bulk and split the cost of shipping)!

Check out some of my favourites from the current selection at Les Fleurs.

Boutique Les Fleurs, 6 Passage Josset, 75011 Paris

Les Fleurs 4


Une de mes découvertes récentes dans la capitale française, c’est la petite boutique super mignonne, Les Fleurs.  Dans cet endroit très parisien, vous y trouverez des super accessoires comme les charmant petit bijoux de différents créateurs, de la décoration très girly et même des accessoires de cuisine style vintage.

La collection complète est disponible dans le magasin près de Bastille mais pour ceux qui ne vivent pas à proximité de Paris, le petit e-shop vend aussi toutes les collections et on peut se faire livrer a l’étranger pour environ 20 euros le colis (ça vaudrai le cout de faire une commande groupée)!

Découvrez une sélection de mes favoris actuellement en vente chez Les Fleurs.

Boutique Les Fleurs, 6 Passage Josset, 75011 Paris

Les Fleurs 3

Les Fleurs 1

Les Fleurs

Alexander Girard’s Wooden Dolls For Sale

Sandro Girard Wooden Dolls

Born in 1907 in New York City, the American artist Alexander Girard (nicknamed Sandro) began his career as an architect after numerous studies in Rome, Florence and New York.  He then transferred his skills to textile desing, creating fabrics for designer George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames, and is today considered one of the significant names in post-War American design.

A passionate art collector with a particular interest in popular art from South America, Asia and Eastern Europe, Alexander Girard designed and created his own personal collection of Wooden Dolls inspired by the works he loved. Today, these peculiar characters filled with joy and sadness have been recreated from the original pieces on display at the Vitra Design Museum.

You can view the full selection in the window displays at the Printemps (where I snapped these photos) and the Bon Marche in Paris and if you want to own a little piece of the collection, you’ll find these for sale from around 100 euros each.

Sandro Girard Wooden Dolls

Sandro Girard Wooden Dolls

Sandro Girard Wooden Dolls

Sandro Girard Wooden Dolls

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