Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Suka, London

Suka, London

Whilst on a recent business trip to London, I had the luxury of spending my day meeting various brands at Suka in the Sanderson Hotel. Basically this meant an entire day of eating delicious food in the name of work! For those who haven’t yet been to the Sanderson Hotel, you’re missing out on a lot… far more than the hotel itself actually because the ground floor alone offers a fabulous spa (complete with Rococo Nail Apparel polishes which is one of my favourite brands!), a gorgeous modern art design bar and an exotic outdoor/indoor garden for dining and cocktails.

I began the day in true hotel style with a delicious buffet breakfast (I just love a buffet in the morning!) with fresh berries, granola, luxury yoghurts and mini croissants and pains au chocolat (which I strategically placed out of shot for photos)!

Lunch was a generous helping of vegetable Char Kway Teow from the wide choice of Malaysian street food on offer at the hotel’s Suka Restaurant. The meal was out of this world. Fresh, crispy vegetables accompanied by wok fried flat rice noodles.

Despite a full day of eating and not much else(!) I was still able to fit in an evening snack before the end of the day and as I don’t often have the chance to eat great Malaysian food I chose the satay chicken which was perfect with the yummy peanut sauce, the perfect end to a day of indulgence.

Next time you’re in London, check out the Sanderson Hotel for a gourmet dining experience and if you have a little time, try their unique Mad Hatters Tea Party… and afternoon tea like no other!

Suka, London

Suka, LondonMini croissants strategically placed out of shot!

Suka, LondonThe interior design at the Sanderson Hotel… something else!

Suka, LondonVegetable  Char Kway Teow for lunch at Suka were out of this world. I highly recommend!

Suka, London


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