The Eiffel Tower Turns 125 Years Old

eiffel tower 125 years

Image by Catherine O’Hara for Mirror Me Blog

Joyeux anniversaire! The Eiffel Tower celebrates 125 years today… pretty amazing to think it’s been watching over Paris for more than a century.

It hasn’t always been the popular attraction it is today though, originally the wrought iron tower was rejected by Parisians and even author Guy de Maupassant was claimed to have detested the Eiffel Tower despite eating at its first floor restaurant every day. When asked why, Maupassant replied that it was the only place in Paris he couldn’t see it.

Today, this French landmark attracts 7 million visitors every day.

I fell in love with this stunning image of the Eiffel Tower with balloons, it was taken by talented photographer Catherine O’Hara for the stunning blogger Fisayo Longe of Mirror Me blog.


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