Gold & Glitter Nail Art

ciate nail artOk, so technically this look would not exactly pass as nail art amongst the pros of the industry but I thought the final look was so effective it could still count as a quick and easy version. For this look, I used to of my favourite Ciate nail polishes, Couture and Antique Brooch.


The first step was using a coat of Nail Tonic to hydrate my broken, peeling nails (too much time spent under the LED lamp!) which is like a moisture mask for nails. I love how instantly smooth and healthy it makes my nails appear and whilst my nails are looking pretty and polished, the lovely Nail Tonic ingredients are working away to repair the damage.

Although this is technically a base coat in itself, I still like to add a second layer of Underwear as I feel like this will really help prevent any discolouration from the polish. Next I applied two coats of the beautiful pale pink Couture shade which gives a gorgeous glossy nude result and then it was just a matter of applying two coats of Antique Brooch for a luxurious gold finish and a touch of pink sequins, adding sparkle and interest to the overall look.

I really love the result and as it’s a glitter polish it dries super fast so it’s perfect for a last minute manicure when you’re rushing out.

ciate nail artTwo coats of Couture polish by Ciate

ciate nail artNail Tonic hydrating coat and Underwear base coat

Have you tried the Ciate polishes? Which is your favourite glitter polish?>



  1. LOVE Ciate polishes, I have tried the Colourfol Kit which is similar but the Antique looks lovely!

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