Behind the Scenes at the Etam Live Show 2014

Etam Live Show 2014

If you follow any major fashion blog or magazine, you probably already know all about the fabulous Etam Live Show which took place last night in Paris. Already in it’s 7th edition, the show was a huge success last night with live performances from Eve, Azealia Banks, Kavninsky, Cassius, Massive Attack and Breakbot but before I give you all the details from the show, here are a few sneak peeks from behind the scenes.

Working on a special campaign for vente-privee meant I was invited backstage before the catwalk and I very quickly found myself with major hair envy… and feeling very short! I had about half an hour to snap away as models were rushing in all directions for last minute hair styling sessions and make-overs. Funnily enough it was quite another story for the music artists who seemed to be chilling in their dressing rooms with expensive champagne and lots of chocolate… Totally carefree.


Etam Live Show 2014Etam Live Show 2014Etam Live Show 2014

The show started with an opening act from Breakbot singing Baby I’m Yours and the lingerie collection on the runway was just spectacular! Lace, leather and silk were complemented with bright colours and softer pastel tones as well as some very unsual peplum details and full length, transparent jumpsuits.

Etam Live Show 2014Etam Live Show 2014Etam Live Show 2014

And just check out who was sitting front row… I think I actually squealed when I spotted Catherine Deneuve, I was so excited I almost didn’t notice that I was literally rubbing shoulders with actual Suzy Menkes!! Desperately trying to catch a snap of her, I think she was frankly appalled by my star struck/ stalker behaviour and unfortunately the only picture I managed to get was of her disgusted facial expression with a hideous blue wash over the whole thing… still, it’s Suzy Menkes, so I had to post it anyway.

Etam Live Show 2014

Catherine Deneuve sitting front row (above) and Natalia Vodanovia talking to press after the show (below)

Etam Live Show 2014

Well, you can barely see her but I assure you that’s Suzy Menkes… she seems so unimpressed but it’s a memory I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

suzy menkes


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