Kobi Levi Shoes Debut in Selfridges!

Kobi Levi Selfridges

It was only a matter of time before this Israeli designer from Tel Aviv launched his extraordinary shoe collection and where better to debut than Selfrigdges’ Shoe Galleries, a paradise for shoe fanatics with over 5,000 shoes from more than 120 brands on display!

25 styles from Kobi Levi‘s fascinating collection (which seem more like pieces of art than shoes!) will be on sale exclusively in Selfridges with only 20 limited editions produced globally for each design, making these more like collectible investments than a simple pair of heels… see where I’m going with this… I think I’ll soon be coming up with some weak attempt to justify a large spend very soon! Watch this space…

Obviously a worldwide exclusive shoe-come-art limited edition series doesn’t come cheap and the lowest you can expect to pay is a fairly high £650 ranging all the way to £2,050. Find out all the details on the Selfridges website or check out Kobi Levi‘s blog for more information.

PS the double boots were worn by Lady Gaga in her Born This Way video which probably gives them extra points!

Kobi Lebi Shoes

Kobi Levi Shoe collection on display at the Selfridges Shoe Galleries

Kobi Levi shoes

Bubblegum, dogs and bananas… typical shoe inspiration?!

Kobi Levi shoes

A cheeky design for the open-minded!

Kobi Levi Shoes

I am so tempted by those flamingo designs which are stunning and wearable

Kobi Levi Shoes

I love this Sushi inspired chopstick pair too!

Kobi Levi Boots

The double boots worn by Lady Gaga

Kobi Levi Lady Gaga Boots

Lady Gaga wearing Kobi Levi Boots in Born This Way music video


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