Black Milk Fashion Leggings

Black Milk Fashion

I’m a big fan of leggings worn with oversized knits, the more wild the better, and that’s why Black Milk is my new go-to boutique!  It’s an Australian label which has the most fun prints and the selection of leggings is second to none.

The background to the brand is quite an inspirational tale in which founder James Lillis thought up the concept whilst struggling with what he describes as being ‘broke, bored and rather cold’. Rather than find himself a job, James decided instead to buy a second hand sewing maching and with the fabric he could afford, he made his own shirts, later embarking on brightly patterned leggings and when one of his models asked to buy the pair she had tried on, he found the motivation he needed to continue creating clothes which is now known as Black Milk. If you have five minutes, you should definitely have a quick look at James’ full story as it really is quite an extraordinary journey.

The brand is exclusively available online and now a huge success with fans from around the world styling their outfits with the bold prints of Black Milk clothing although I still think the leggings are their number one items! Take a look at the full collection and see for yourself.

Below is a small selection of my three favourite designs with the Woman in RedGalaxy Purple and Leg Bone leggings each at £48.37.

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