Paris’ Best Kept Fashion Secret

In the world of the web, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the whirlwind of choices – e-boutiques, flash sales, auction sites and second hand sales, whatever your needs, there’s probably a website for it. That’s why I was so captured when I happened upon a simple website which somehow managed to stand out so far from the rest.

On the surface, L’Atelier de Camille may be mistaken for ‘just another online boutique’ but for those who swiftly carry on to the next site… big mistake! Here’s why. Behind the brand is a young Parisian designer whose dream was to create simple, quality pieces in limited editions. In order to realise this desire, she joined forces with the newly retired seamstresses of fashion’s biggest houses such as Yves Saint LaurentChanel and Lanvin.


And what does that mean for us? A stunning collection of few pieces with attention to detail that is second to none and the top quality fabrics. Add to that the hand written label signed by the seamstress who created your item and you’ve got yourself a unique piece worthy of a fairytale.

It’s no wonder items sell out so fast when you take a look at the site. The designs are so chic and Parisienne and the photos are adorable in their simplicity and elegance. Even better? The prices are not extravagant as you may expect but comparable to the higher end brands of the high street – and stitched by the hands of Chanel!


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