Atelier Ivan Hor

Atelier Ivan Hor

For the last 24 years I have spent my summer holidays on the beautiful Côte d’Azur chez mes grandparents, only twenty minutes away from the infamous Saint Tropez.  Although year after year, the picturesque fishing village has become increasingly superficial with the rich and famous posing on their yachts along the marina and driving the most expensive cars to exclusive nightclubs and VIP parties, the backstreets of Saint Tropez have still kept the original charm that Brigitte Bardot famously fell in love with years ago.

Atelier Ivan Hor is a real treasure in the village which I visit year after year! From beautiful paintings to elaborate 3D scenes, his iconic pieces are made up of origami boats and miniature French cars with fun captions. My first purchase was a postcard with one of the little boats next to the caption ‘mon premier bateau acheté a St Tropez (My first boat bought in Saint Tropez)’ and I have since collected a few more scenes… all beautifully crafted and depicting the South of France.

Ivan Hor is a French artist of Hungarian origin who moved to Toulouse in 1956 before choosing to settle in Saint Tropez. The Atelier is divided into two boutiques found at 40 rue Gambetta and 20 rue des Remparts in Saint Tropez.


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