Graduate Designers of UiTM Malaysia 2011

UiTM Malaysia

Moving between Paris, Milan and London, I have been exposed to some of the world’s greatest fashion capitals so I was particularly excited at the opportunity to discover how Malaysian graduates prepared to launch themselves into this competitive world.
In the intimate surroundings of the Malaysian Embassy, 12 graduates of the Uinversiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) showcased their collections, inspired by Malaysian identity, which is famous for its diversity in culture and people. The essence of the country was strongly felt in the stunning display organized by established photographer Latiff Napoleon-Johari and the managing director of Tradisi Busana PRDodi Mohammad, who has worked closely with the likes of Jimmy Choo.


From ankle-skimming gowns to regal inspired capes, the designers captured the contrast of traditional and contemporary Malaysia and I was engrossed from beginning to end. Model Holly Croft opened the show in a radiant mini dress by designer Hafiz Sabran. The striking collection of dresses was based on sneakers, reflected in the vivid red colour and asymmetric ‘lace-up’ details.
I particularly loved the layers in Nurhafiza Mohd Nafi’s collection, drawing from the Malay martial arts, Silat. Voluminous trousers were combined with loose-fitting jackets in contrasting silver and black and oversized blue ribbons added a touch of drama to the final look.

Kepala Perahu, the head of a traditional Malay boat, was the inspiration behind the beautiful evening dresses designed by Nurul Nashua Mohd Nor. Elegant black dresses adorned with draping silk voile in pastel pink and silver embroidery were paraded on the catwalk and I could already picture myself in the full length gown with its A-line skirt.

Following on from the previous outfits was a gorgeous display from designer Shahrizat Fitri Mustafa, influenced by the traditional Wau or kite, with its bold colours and strong patterns. Despite the outstanding talent from all the students, the intricate structures of these dresses together with the beautiful array of colours made this my overall favourite collection of the show.

Having thought I’d seen the very best of the fashion world, I am buzzing about the fusion of east and west which is gaining fame rapidly and these gifted young designers definitely have what it takes!

UiTM Malaysia

UiTM Malaysia


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