Designer Dolls by Laloushka

designer dolls

I have to admit that despite good intentions to keep blogging over the Christmas holidays, it prove to be far too difficult to turn on my laptop whilst the tempation of left over turkey and stuffing lured me back into the kitchen!

Said leftovers having now been entirely finished off, I am back in full form and ready to reveal this year’s exciting news, events and places to see. So to start off 2013, I couldn’t resist these adorable and super stylish designer dolls from Polish label Laloushka where you’ll find your favourite couturiers from Coco Chanel to a fierce looking Vivienne Westwood and even a pouting Victoria Beckham, complete with baby Harper Seven. The dolls are priced at 80 to 90 euros but if you’re not mad about having one of fashion’s finest characters in your home, how about your very own personalized doll?

Simply send in as many details as you can complete with a photograph of the person you which to recreate and then wait for Laloushka to do the magic. We spotted some amazing dolls with mini Louis Vuitton bags, sunglasses and even a teeny pair of Chanel ballerines… how much do I want one of those!

Have a look at the website and be sure to keep a note for that next present idea… why is it that great gift ideas always reveal themselves just after Christmas??

designer dolls


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